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Cody Sketch by Lunar-Hikari Cody Sketch :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 5 1 Contest Entry - Artair by Lunar-Hikari Contest Entry - Artair :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 3 2 No Name Wolf by Lunar-Hikari No Name Wolf :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 5 5 Camelot by Lunar-Hikari Camelot :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 4 2
Cailyn - Teaser -
Cailyn felt him before she saw him, the heat that flooded through her was unmistakable; it streamed into every crevice of her body and warmed the places she only recently found out existed.
“Jonah.” It was the only recognition she would give him, not turning or even glancing his way, a task that took more strength then she would have thought. It was pure will that kept her in place, bent into the fridge trying to find a midnight snack, pure will that held her from turning to gaze upon his beautiful face.
“What are you doing down here?” His voice was a cold chip of ice, cutting through Cailyn’s hot body, sending her temperature down a few degrees.
“Getting something to eat,” she snapped back, voice almost catching in her throat. Even though he was always icy to her, always radiating hate, she couldn’t help but long for him. Cailyn stifled a laugh thinking of it, she had only recently admitted that she longed for Jonah Thorn, like a giddy schoolgir
:iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 2 5
Birthday Sketch by Lunar-Hikari Birthday Sketch :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 7 5 Demys Gift - Star by Lunar-Hikari Demys Gift - Star :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 2 2 Chaotic - Sketch by Lunar-Hikari Chaotic - Sketch :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 7 3 Secret Santa Gift by Lunar-Hikari Secret Santa Gift :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 9 20
Love in All Forms SalCay
The two equines trotted side by side, snorting at the flies and sand particles that tickled at their nostrils, both laughing happily as they spoke to each other. It was a beautiful day out, the rains would come soon and they were planning to migrate, but until then they had wandered from the heard to have time alone. Cayne and Sal had been through a lot together and had become closer because of it. The gray stallion snorted and gave a whicker, a strange sound for a hoofed horse of Africa, but he didn’t actually belong here this was just were he ended up.
The Zebra laughed and stared at his companion with warm chocolate eyes; they had slowed down to a walk and were looking at each other, their talking seeming to fade away to their captivation with one another.
Sal looked unsure and turned his head away, ripping apart their connection, his heart was racing and he felt like he could gallop the grasslands for hours with all this nervous excitement tightening in his chest. The horse ni
:iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 2 10
Sometimes it hurts to much by Lunar-Hikari Sometimes it hurts to much :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 13 15
My fingers twisted in the sheets underneath me, tears smearing down the flushed curves of my cheeks. Unable to control my sobs I collapsed forward, why did this have to be so hard? Wasn’t my life supposed to be mine? Wasn’t it supposed to be fun…but it wasn’t, at least not to me. Every day my heart aches; I see pain, hear anger and feel hurt. No matter where I go it always seems to be the same; even my friends have had enough at times. I want to scream, it is my life….I chose where I go and I chose who to be.
Flipping onto my back I stare at the ceiling, I go through these emotions almost every day. Sure there are good times, laughing with my friends or smiling brightly as I make some random and slightly perverted remark, the good times are what make me go on.
Staring into the blinding whiteness of my celine I try to think of those friends I love, they criticize me, they are harsh sometimes but they are also truthful. That is what makes them…them. I am not
:iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 24 22
KH2 Zmexy: Little Heart by Lunar-Hikari KH2 Zmexy: Little Heart :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 12 13 Candy Time - Poster by Lunar-Hikari Candy Time - Poster :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 9 10
My Oh My - SoraRiku
Sora sighed softly as he stared out at his darkening land, soon he would have to get married, and it rather frightened him. He had heard, just that morning, his parents talking in secret. They had been discussing how no one ever wanted to marry a Male princess, his heart had sunk at the words, and even though he was scared of marriage he had wanted to find a prince to love him.
The young teen leaned against the railing of his small balcony, his eyes darkened like the dieing away blue of the sky, and he shiver ran through his body, hairs prickling from the cold wind. “Why is there no a prince that want’s me?” He mumbled the question to himself and glanced down at his pink dress, letting a soft sigh pass his lips. Since birth he had been called the boy princess, the brunette was used to it but now what? No one wanted a boy prince as their wife!
A flicker of white caught his attention and his head shot up, there just beyond the wall a flicker of white, a white horse? Squint
:iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 43 21
Right Kind of Wrong by Lunar-Hikari Right Kind of Wrong :iconlunar-hikari:Lunar-Hikari 3 16

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Drawing a Blank
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I really wanna draw some free requests, I am drawing a comic but I need to draw soemthing other then my own wolf characters at the moment sooooooooooooooooooooooo rules!!

1. Comment and post a link to the character you want drawn
2. thats it XP you can post at least 2 characters XP

Ummmm so yaaaaaa they are free sketch requests. SKETCHES!


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can u draw this as a request? Rondo an komouri my OC;s

u can get better veiw pics of them in my gallery
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